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Transcend is a premium performance sock brand engineered to encourage and inspire the athlete inside all of us. Everyone has the potential to transcend beyond the limitations set by self-doubt and insecurity. Whether you’re making the decision to join a fitness community, hit a personal best on your back squat, or run your first mile, let these socks be part of the journey!


Some may think it’s ludicrous to launch an apparel brand amid these unprecedented times in our society. Transcend believes this is the perfect time to promote positivity and unity through apparel. Something as simple as a pair of socks can be the nudge of encouragement needed to handle life’s ebbs and flows.


The Foundations


Transcend wants to elevate your sock game with The Foundations Collection! Look, we’ve been around the block when it comes to fitness and know people want to look fresh while working out. These staple socks transcend seasons for a functional and fashionable look. Developed to not only be engineered for a great fit, but this collection also has intention and meaning behind the creation of each design.



“Was that a PR?!” “Did you hit your PR?!” are statements heard at the gym all of the time. What does PR even mean? It stands for Personal Record on a lift, run, or workout. Whatever PR you’re looking to achieve, slide these bad boys on to give you the extra boost of confidence!

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There are days where you just aren’t feeln’ it. You don’t feel motivated to do anything. You question the goals you’ve set for yourself. Besides the great fit, these socks are designed with the “On My Grind” motto to keep you inspired. So, when you aren’t feeln’ the alarm go off for that early morning workout or jumping in on that evening group run, let the O.M.G. socks be a reminder to stay on your grind.

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Inspired by the hero workout “Murph” named after Michael P. Murphy, a Navy Seal killed in action in 2005, the sock is designed to honor all our American Warriors. As you work toward accomplishing your goals, channel the perseverance of our brave men and women in the Armed Forces by wearing the Warrior socks. The next time you feel like you can’t do one more rep or go one step further, let the Warrior sock remind you to keep pushing forward.

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For many, the beginning of 2020 was met with a sense of optimism and motivation for a fresh start only a new year could offer; however, no one could have predicted how quickly the year would turn upside down on us. The last few months have seen the rise of objects become emblematic of larger issues in our society. For example, the inclusivity and good intentions behind wearing a face mask or empathizing with BLM have turned into emblems of divisiveness. The iNSiGNiA Collection was created to cut through the polarizing rhetoric and continue to strengthen our communities through fitness and wellness.  


The lowercase “i” encourages everyone to recognize that this moment is bigger than us as individuals and in order to move forward we must do it together!

So, a collaboration between Transcend and Make WODs Great Again makes perfect sense as the two brands have a lot in common – a passion for CrossFit and the community; an appreciation for humor in fitness; and most importantly…

a drive to be charitable. Her Name and Scale & Bail are high-quality, American-made socks that embrace these shared principles and will make your feet and heart happy.

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Her Name:

In the spirit of the CrossFit hero workouts named after our fallen soldiers, Her Name is a pink inspired sock made to honor the women who have bravely battled breast cancer. If you have been personally affected by breast cancer or know of someone who has, this sock and its accompanying workout is to be named in tribute of your loved one. The sock tag is also meant to be a keepsake for family and friends to come together for some fitness in celebration and remembrance of your loved one. Whether this workout becomes a yearly tradition or you need some encouragement to get through your day, let these socks be the source of inspiration. 



The pandemic has forced many people to take pause and reevaluate what is truly important in life. It’s challenged how you think about the future. Transcend encourages you to be iNSPiRED! to reimagine your fitness and wellness goals and set the wheels of inspiration into motion. Now is the time to redefine your life the way you have always imagined it to be.

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